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“Parenting stress in those caring for loved ones with ASD is unlike the stress of caregivers of typical children or of those children with other special needs.”

A Child’s ASD Diagnosis Leads to Stress, Urgency, & Burnout for Parents & Guardians

  • “We need help now, and we need it FAST!”
  • “They tell me I need to take some time out for myself, but I don’t have time for that.”
  • “My child needs me. I need to be helping him, not focusing on me!”
  • “No one knows my child like I do. I am the only one who can really help him!”


“My neighbor got diagnosed with breast cancer. They wrote scripts for the whole family to get therapy. There is no developmental pediatrician writing a script for a parent to go get therapy.”    – Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD


ASD Caregivers Lose Parental Identity

The constant demands in raising an ASD child commonly leads to the disintegration of a parent’s individual identity, a loss of trust in others, and isolation for the care providers of children with ASD.

You are on call 24/7. There is never a day off from Autism. You don’t have time to talk to someone every day and maintain an ongoing friendship when you are getting calls from the school.

“No matter how our families try to support us, very few extended families are in the trenches.”  – Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD


Well-Meaning Stress Management Experts Are Missing the Critical Component

Well-meaning, skilled people flood the internet with recommendations as to how parents and guardians of ASD children can take care of themselves. However, they truly don’t understand their needs, and one size does not fit all.

When you tell professionals, they just don’t get it. None of these kids are Sheldon.” – Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD


The Missing Piece for Caregivers

The missing piece of the puzzle for caregivers of children with an ASD diagnosis is time. Guardians of ASD children do not have the luxury of time.

From Exhausted to Energized supplies rapid relief tools that are the perfect solution for ASD caregivers! This superb guide is the first book to illustrate what hasn’t been talked about – the psychoenergetic dynamics that cause and sustain the emotional, mental, and physical drain on family members and guardians. Freger further provides readers with quick energy psychology tools that address trauma, anxiety, depression, and burnout.

“I do Mandi Freger’s “Over Energy Correction” for my brain almost every night. I can’t believe how restorative it is for me. It’s a simple tool that I wish I would have when my child only slept 4 hours a night. No matter how tired or exhausted I feel, Mandi’s tools change the course of my day and that of my child’s.” – Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD

About the Author

Mandi Freger Round ProfileMANDI FREGER, M.Ed., DCEP, LBS, LPC is a PA Licensed Professional
Counselor PC008174 and PA Licensed Behavior Specialist BH000192.
Freger started her career pre-turn of the century upon studying with
Dr. Gregory Nicosia, a pioneer in the field of Energy Psychology (EP).
At the time, she was one of the youngest people to be trained in this
field. Additionally, she received training through Cleveland Clinic Children’s
Hospital, which allowed her to connect with this diagnostic population and
with their caregivers in an unprecedented way. Through first-hand experience, she gained expertise in both the methods that truly work for burned out, exhausted caregivers and with the ASD population itself.

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Book Interviews & Podcast with Mandi

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Mandi is not your typical counselor.  Being in a rare position of gaining experience early on with the first generation of Energy Psychology leaders in the field, Mandi has over 20 years of experience making her a master in the art of using energy therapeutic techniques with her clients.  Mandi also had the opportunity to assist in teaching these techniques to much more seasoned clinicians who were joining in the ranks of the expansion of the field of Energy Psychology before the turn of the century.  Additionally, with over 20 years of experience in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mandi’s expertise is rare.

PA Licensed Professional Counselor PC008174      PA Licensed Behavior Specialist BH000192


Sample topics within Autism Spectrum Disorders:

  •      What you’ve never heard about parental/caregiver stress
  •       The most concise school house rock way of understanding social and communication issue
  •       The thought processes behind behavioral issues your never though of

Freger, A. (2019, June 11). Use of Over Energy Correction (OEC) for Intervention Therapists at a Center-Based Treatment Facility for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  International Journal of Healing and Caring. June, 2019 Table of Contents Volume 19, No.2  Retrieved from

Nicosia, G. N., Minewiser, L., & Freger, A.L. (2019). World trade center: A longitudinal case study for treating PTSD with Emotional Freedom Technique and EMDR.

WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation.  63 (2019) 199–204              

DOI:10.3233/WOR-192921 IOS Press 

Fees:    $6,000 per day       $10, 0000 weekend event

Amanda Freger, LPC
One of the biggest things you helped me with was realizing I was contributing to my child’s stress - we were like swiss cheese and I needed to be a rock. Another thing you taught me is how to reframe her world view, and all of the behavior strategies have been amazing!
Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD
First the brain – Over Energy Correction - I almost do it every night when I go to sleep. I can’t believe how restorative it is to me. It’s a simple tool. I drift off to sleep. I wish I would have had the tools when we had ‘the parties’ in the middle of the night when my child only slept 4 hours. I wish I had it a long long time ago. NO matter how tired or exhausted, or I don’t want to do it, it changes the course of a chunk of the day. It is a switch in both of our brains - not just his, not just mine, both of our brains.
Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD
One of the things you helped me realize is the level of anxiety for kids who don’t talk. It’s something every parent needs to know
Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD

Book Interviews & Podcast with Mandi