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Peak Performance Studies

The following studies for Peak Performance section can be found easily online:

Church, D, & Downs, D. (2012). Sports confidence and critical incident intensity after a brief application of Emotional Freedom Techniques: A pilot study. The Sport Journal, 15, 2012.
Llewellyn-Edwards, T., & Llewellyn-Edwards, M. (2012, Spring). The effect of EFT (emotional freedom techniques) on soccer performance. Fidelity: Journal for the National Council of Psychotherapy, 47, 14–19.
Rotheram, M., Maynard, I., Thomas, O., Bawden, M., & Francis, L. (2012). Preliminary evidence for the treatment of type I ‘yips’: The efficacy of the Emotional Freedom Techniques. The Sport Psychologist, 26, 551-570.
Church, D. (2009). The Effect of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on Athletic Performance: A Randomized Controlled Blind Trial. The Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2, 94-99.

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