Peak Performance

Individualized Energy Psychology treatment protocols will provide strategies that can give you the edge in maintaining mind-body wellness and increase performance.

Peak Athletic Performance

You know you can excel further. You tell yourself it’s just a temporary block. Anxiety sets in because the block doesn’t go away. You may experience other setbacks or issues in other areas of your life that effect your performance.  For youth and adults who are serious about their performance in sports or other competitive endeavors, Energy Psychology techniques can take performance results to the next level. 

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Injury Recovery

Injury can be DEVATSTATING.  Even minor injuries can feel like a setback, when peak performance remains required.  Frustration of managing physical pain can be challenging, but the array of feelings experienced can be as much or more of a concern than the actual injury.  Energy Psychology techniques can help eliminate these unwanted feelings and even reduce levels of perceived physical pain. 

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Mind-Body Rest & Recovery

Balancing school/work, life demands, and athletic activities can become overwhelming and stressful.  Rest and recovery is important in day to day life.  In today’s society, rest or inactivity somehow implies we are not doing enough, while we are simultaneously conditioning our fight flight and freeze mechanisms to be overtaxed.  Learn how to maximize your EFFECTIVENESS in life while still incorporating the rest we need without feeling guilty!


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