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Mandi is not your typical counselor.  Being in a rare position of gaining experience early on with the first generation of Energy Psychology leaders in the field, Mandi has over 20 years of experience making her a master in the art of using energy therapeutic techniques with her clients.  Mandi also had the opportunity to assist in teaching these techniques to much more seasoned clinicians who were joining in the ranks of the expansion of the field of Energy Psychology before the turn of the century.

PA Licensed Professional Counselor PC008174      PA Licensed Behavior Specialist BH000192

Counselor, Consultant, Performance Coach

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From Exhausted to Energized:

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Caregiver's Guide

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Mandi’s counseling approach is truly individualized typically blending energy therapeutic techniques and principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to treat a rainbow of issues including but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) through the lifespan, peak performance, general fatigue, anxiety, depression, trauma, cognitive disorders and managing pain.  Additionally, Mandi has a broad history of assessment training for identifying ASD and neuropsychological issues.

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Mandi talks about various groups within Covid-19 and how to manage stress within those groups

Peak Performance

You know you can excel further. You tell yourself it’s just a temporary block. Anxiety sets in because the block doesn’t go away. You may experience other setbacks or issues in other areas of your life. For youth and adults who are serious about their performance in sports or fine arts, Energy Psychology techniques can take performance results to the next level.  Balancing school and these activities can become overwhelming and stressful, often demanding good performance in times of stress, fatigue or injury.  An individualized treatment protocol will provide strategies that can give you the edge in mind-body wellness maintenance and increase performance.

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Consulting Services

Mandi offers a variety of consulting services for individuals and organizations for increasing collaboration between others, increasing output and maximizing resources for wellness. 

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