Counseling Services


Clinical techniques including Energy Psychology as well as Behavior Modification to treat specific issues associated with ASD

Energy Therapies

Helping with active lifestyle fatigue from on- or off-the-job stress, life adjustments, pain management, and trauma

Learning Issues

For those families struggling with a formal diagnosis of an attention deficit disorder or a specific academic issue

Mandi’s Approach

Energy Therapy

Helping Young Adults

One of my specialties in counseling is helping young adults who are navigating how to find their way in today’s world.  Sometimes, symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain in young adults can be overcome by solidifying values and learning what good self-esteem is.  Come explore your authentic life path and flourish with accomplishment!    

Autism Spectrum Disorders

If you are a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there is no doubt that you have been faced with many personal challenges as well as educational challenges for your child. Along your path, people have sometimes been so helpful that you have found so many options for treatment that it is hard to know which one to choose. Other times, people who claim to specialize in ASD have no idea how to help you. Cookie cutter interventions have not been successful, and have sometimes left you feeling as if no one understands your child. You thought your child was successful at school because his/her academics were good. However, later in elementary school or middle school you were told he/she has issues and you were left wondering how they could simply appear? You are beyond disappointed and don’t know who to turn to for help at this point.

You are not alone

Many families are experiencing the aforementioned issues.  Oftentimes, the stressors associated with raising a child with an ASD can be overwhelming and navigating systems is difficult. Parents would agree that, understanding your child’s unique communication system and bringing his or her focus to our surroundings is key to developing a gratifying relationship.  Mandi’s holistic approach and experience in multiple counties can provide you with direction and specific choices to minimize parental confusion.  Subtle behaviors are often undetected or unidentified until later in the child’s development when they become problematic.  At times, worksheets for social skills acquisition yield minimal progress for your child, resulting in frustration when your child continues to make inpappropriate choices.  Your multidisciplinary team includes your input.  Learn how to ask the specific questions to enhance communication with your team.

In addition, Mandi’s clinical techniques include Energy Psychology (EP) as well as Behavior Modification to treat specific issues associated with ASD.  The impact of the energy of mulitiple stressors can effect the entire family system.  EP techniques can give rapid relief to dissipate tensions that interfere with your  quality of life.  If your desire is for your child to join with you and assimilate into your family’s lifestyle, these services can benefit you.

Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders (children or adults)

    • Outpatient Individual sessions
    • Outpatient Family sessions
    • School-based consulting – classroom modification or specific issues

*Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and these options.  Conveniently located in Pittsburgh, PA.

What people are saying

“Put your oxygen mask on first. When you have a co-parent, they have to remind the other one to do that first.”
Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD
When you tell professionals, they just don’t get it. None of these kids are Sheldon.”
Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD
“You are on call 24/7. There is never a day off from Autism. You don’t have time to talk to someone everyday and maintain traditional friendship when you are getting calls from the school. No matter how our families try to support us, very few extended families are in the trenches. What our kids do, is beyond embarrassing and it lasts beyond 2.”
Parent of a child diagnosed with an ASD

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Energy Therapies

Active Lifestyle Fatigue

You feel that you are consumed by work and personal demands to the point you are exhausted. Whether you get enough sleep or lay at awake at night thinking about all the things you have to do, you always feel drained. You wonder how other people are balancing work and family life, when you feel like you just can’t give anymore. You feel listless, and angry at yourself because you just can’t seem to “snap out of it” to the point it’s noticeable to others.

Balancing life demands with career can be extremely challenging in today’s world, often leading to feelings of general burnout.  As a former director and manager, Mandi found that one of her strengths involves coaching and mentoring professionals to increase their performance as well as their intrinsic motivation. Using a behavioral approach that examines core beliefs and motivation, and then incorporating EP techniques to work through issues that seem “stuck,“ these issues can be rapidly resolved when compared with using traditional talk therapy alone.

If life’s adjustments seem like they are on overload, or relief from chronic on-the-job or off-the-job stress has not been successful, you may be ready to make changes in your best interest.  This can be the time for you to achieve and succeed!

Pain Management and Trauma

The pain is consuming. You feel like it has been controlling your life. You feel powerless and wonder if you will ever get you old life back. Sufficient research studies have demonstrated that EP have been effective in reducing pain levels as well as reliving traumatic stressors.  Individuals seeking a supplement to their existing course of medical treatment in reducing pain levels, can benefit from EP.

Learning Issues

You are frustrated because you know your child can “do better” at school, but no one seems to be able to identify specifically how to help him/her. You have been given a few strategies that have only been slightly beneficial, but the issues remain. You have had countless IEP meetings and feel like you have completed every assessment professionals have asked you to complete. You question if you are doing something wrong. You feel your greatest allies have become your opposition. You have been told that school success is not for everyone after successive strategies continue to fail. Your child’s school challenges are creating stress at home and amongst your family.

Oftentimes diagnostic clarification can be challenging, especially when it concerns a child’s ability to succeed in school.  Any learning challenges, clinically diagnosed or otherwise, can cause significant stress, depression, and self-esteem issues for a child.  These concerns may develop if a child is “under the radar” to meet criteria for a pervasive learning issue, or struggles with a subject or situation specific problem.  If you feel your child’s performance is suffering, this service may be for you.  It is never too early to explore any concerns about your child’s development, academic, social or otherwise.

Whether your child is struggling with a formal diagnosis of an attention deficit disorder, or is struggling with a specific academic issue, this service may be for you.

Developmental Stressors

For children and youth, learning appropriate socialization skills, school, and extra-curricular activities are their main vocations.  Combining a powerful treatment approach integrating Applied Behavioral Analysis and Energy Psychology, your child can accelerate like never before.  Learning to navigate the social world, or as we more commonly call it, “growing up” can present unique challenges to many children and adolescents.  Whether diagnosed with a clinical psychological disorder, or going through a specific developmental challenge, all people should be able to be aware of their own strengths, tap into them, and succeed in living a happy life.

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