Consulting Services

Offering a variety of consulting services for individuals and organizations for increasing collaboration between others, increasing output and maximizing resources for wellness. 


Training for educators in Energy Therapy practices to best meet classroom needs


Improve organization wellness and employee productivity by avoiding burnout


Trainings for ASD, EP, or professional development to improve clinician performance and retention


Individual clinician training and case consultation to help you further in your career

School-Based Training and Consulting

Mandi has considerable experience examining treatment from various perspectives: family, teachers, support staff, and school administrators.  Her consultation services, contracted through a school district, assist in meeting the child’s needs in the Least Restrictive Environment.  The provision of training and tools to the educational staff can enhance a symbiotic relationship between the school and parent.

Special education classrooms within a school district have the opportunity to dramatically improve the positive reinforcement approach to better meet students’ needs.  It is especially stressful when the teacher feels unsuccessful in being able to “get through to,” or that they are not doing their best to educate each child.  EP is a highly progressive technique for public school institutions to be able to offer to their staff to increase performance.  Mandi’s background in EP techniques can greatly reduce stress levels, which can improve effectiveness within the classroom, beyond what typical in-service trainings can provide.  An individualized program can be developed based on your district’s needs.  Potential consulting issues include but are not limited to:

  • Trainings on ASD, Cognitive/ Executive Functioning Components
  • Functions of Behavior
  • Intensive Communication
  • Socialization and Behavioral Needs
  • Effective and Usable Data Collection Methods for Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) Targets
  • IEP Troubleshooting Including IEP Development/ Effective and Easily Measurable Goal-Writing
  • Challenging Behavior Management and Classroom Management Strategies Creative Solutions to   Implement before Outside-the-Home School District Placement is Necessary
  • Collaboration with Auxiliary Therapists Intensive Personal Care Assistant, Aide, and Teacher Trainings
  • Use of Effective Positive Reinforcement Approaches
  • Self-Care and Wellness Coaching for Professional Staff
  • Acting as an Advocate to Educate Team on Special Education Provisions from the District and   Family Perspective

Organizational Trainings and Consulting

You wish you had the secret to motivate your employees to reach their maximum potential and increase their attitudes in the workplace. You are conscientious about workplace wellness because it is a managerial incentive.  Trainings and consultations in using Energy Psychology techniques to give your company an edge is right for you!

Being in managerial positions for most of her professional career, Mandi has insight into behavioral and energetic dynamics in companies that place people at risk for burnout.  Though her own experience working with staff, organizational wellness can be improved when intentions, behaviors, and energetics are aligned.  Individualized plans based on needs available.

Clinical Trainings

Training in the most current treatment methods and strategies is on-going in today’s society. Terms like “burn-out’” and employee retention plague the workforce and are constant reminders of both individual and organizational needs. Sometimes you need help or reassurance or fresh “tried and true” strategies when dealing with clients, staff development or clinical consultation.

Trainings are available for ASD, EP, and or professional development.  Mandi has clinically trained many Medical Assistance driven behavioral health service lines in suggested new hire training curriculums.  Further assistance and trainings in general clinical areas is also available.

Individual Consultations

Individual clinical consultation is available for ASD, EP, and/or professional self-development.  For behavioral health clinicians, it is preferred that the degree is master’s level comparable or higher.

It should be noted that there are several different types of services available.  For professional individuals seeking services, it is imperative that the information provided in trainings or consultations is applied within his or her own scope of professional practice.

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