On The Great Things LLC Podcast​

Great Things LLC Podcast

Appearance on the Great Things LLC Podcast I share my story, history and passion for Counseling/Psychology, using a combination of traditional ABA, CBT counseling and integrating energy therapy techniques. The use of Energy Therapy Techniques are not limited to Autism. I work with and can helps athletes, professionals, people and kids how to utilize these […]

Collarbone Breathing, for Peace & Relaxation

Collarbone Breathing

Collarbone Breathing, for Peace & Relaxation Walk through this comprehensive breathing exercise taken from Dr. Roger Callahan’s techniques to help with general relaxation. Note – I am breathing more pronounced so it is easy for you to learn. You can breathe more naturally.  

Energy Techniques & Therapies​

Energy Therapies Mandi Freger

Energy Techniques & Therapies​ I have extensive experience in the use of Energy Therapies, Autism, Peak Performance, and other mental health related areas. With a combination of traditional therapeutic modalities and progressive energy therapies, I  help people reach their best potential.

Science of Tapping​

Science of Tapping

Science of Tapping​ Check out this trailer for the Science of Tapping film. To watch the full film, CLICK HERE for details.

Tapping with Joan Kaylor

Joan Kaylor Tapping EFT interview

Tapping with Joan Kaylor Joan Kaylor and I discuss tapping, techniques and tips for Tapping and its benefits.   Joan has a long and distinguished career in the mental health field.   She also is a leading authority on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping).