Learning IssuesLearning Issues, Anxiety, OCD, Compulsive Disorders

    You are frustrated because you know your child can “do better” at school, but no one seems to be able to identify specifically how to help him/her. You have been given a few strategies that have only been slightly beneficial, but the issues remain. You have had countless IEP meetings and feel like you have completed every assessment professionals have asked you to complete. You question if you are doing something wrong. You feel your greatest allies have become your opposition. You have been told that school success is not for everyone after successive strategies continue to fail. Your child’s school challenges are creating stress at home and amongst your family.

Oftentimes diagnostic clarification can be challenging, especially when it concerns a child’s ability to succeed in school.  Any learning challenges, clinically diagnosed or otherwise, can cause significant stress, depression, and self-esteem issues for a child.  These concerns may develop if a child is “under the radar” to meet criteria for a pervasive learning issue, or struggles with a subject or situation specific problem.  If you feel your child’s performance is suffering, this service may be for you.  It is never too early to explore any concerns about your child’s development, academic, social or otherwise.

Whether your child is struggling with a formal diagnosis of an attention deficit disorder, or is struggling with a specific academic issue, this service may be for you.

 Developmental Stressors

For children and youth, learning appropriate socialization skills, school, and extra-curricular activities are their main vocations.  Combining a powerful treatment approach integrating Applied Behavioral Analysis and Energy Psychology, your child can accelerate like never before.  Learning to navigate the social world, or as we more commonly call it, “growing up” can present unique challenges to many children and adolescents.  Whether diagnosed with a clinical psychological disorder, or going through a specific developmental challenge, all people should be able to be aware of their own strengths, tap into them, and succeed in living a happy life.