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Active Lifestyle FatigueEnergy Therapy can help bring balance and calm to your life

You feel that you are consumed by work and personal demands to the point you are exhausted. Whether you get enough sleep or lay at awake at night thinking about all the things you have to do, you always feel drained. You wonder how other people are balancing work and family life, when you feel like you just can’t give anymore. You feel listless, and angry at yourself because you just can’t seem to “snap out of it” to the point it’s noticeable to others.

Balancing life demands with career can be extremely challenging in today’s world, often leading to feelings of general burnout.  As a former director and manager, Mandi found that one of her strengths involves coaching and mentoring professionals to increase their performance as well as their intrinsic motivation. Using a behavioral approach that examines core beliefs and motivation, and then incorporating EP techniques to work through issues that seem “stuck,“ these issues can be rapidly resolved when compared with using traditional talk therapy alone.

If life’s adjustments seem like they are on overload, or relief from chronic on-the-job or off-the-job stress has not been successful, you may be ready to make changes in your best interest.  This can be the time for you to achieve and succeed!

Pain Management and Trauma

The pain is consuming. You feel like it has been controlling your life. You feel powerless and wonder if you will ever get you old life back. Sufficient research studies have demonstrated that EP have been effective in reducing pain levels as well as reliving traumatic stressors.  Individuals seeking a supplement to their existing course of medical treatment in reducing pain levels, can benefit from EP.

Sports and Fine Arts Performance

You know you can excel further. You tell yourself it’s just a temporary block. Anxiety sets in because the block doesn’t go away. You may experience other setbacks or issues in other areas of your life. For youth and adults who are serious about their performance in sports or fine arts, Energy Psychology techniques can take performance results to the next level.  Balancing school and these activities can become overwhelming and stressful, often demanding good performance in times of stress, fatigue or injury.  An individualized treatment protocol will provide strategies that can give you the edge in mind-body wellness maintenance and increase performance.

ACEP Energy Psychology Certification:  DCEP (Diplomate In Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

Primary EP Modality:  Comprehensive Energy Psychology

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